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About Us

What is the "Municipal Engineers of the City of New York"?

The Municipal Engineers of the City of New York was established as a Society on April 3, 1903 to:

  • Promote and advance the various engineering sciences which are employed in the government of the City of New York and to elevate the standards of proficiency of the technical services of the City
  • Promote the welfare and enhance the economic standard of the City's engineering and related services
  • Is a 501(c)(3) organization under Title 26 of the United State Code

Who are the "Municipal Engineers of the City of New York"?

As the Society established its Constitution and became one of the leading technical/professional organizations within the City, it further broadened the interpretation of professional affiliation, mission, goals and objectives. Today, our membership includes Engineers, Architects and Scientists, as well as men and women practicing in allied fields from the public and private sectors

What does the "Municipal Engineers of the City of New York"do?

A prominent Board of Directors and Past Presidents develop a annual schedule of interesting activities and events organized through various Committees: Publications, Lecture, Inspection, Awards and Prizes, Scholarships, Publicity and Membership including:

  • The Municipal Engineers Journal, published two times annually, with a wide distribution including to technical and local libraries and the National Library of Congress
  • Educational programming, including monthly technical presentations and field tours featuring metropolitan area public works such as transportation facilities, East River bridges and New York
  • Special events such as the Wimmer Memorial Forum and Reception, Scholarship Presentations and a Dinner Dance honoring our Engineer/Architect of the Year



President: Sudha Mannava P.E.

1st VP: Lindsay Degueldre, P.E.

2nd VP: Isaac Menda

Secretary: Zuzanna Sobczk, P.E.

Treasurer: Tania Quesada, P.E.


Directors, Term Expires 11/24

Mehdi Asharian, P.E.

Russell Holcomb, P.E.

Peter Kontogiannis, P.E.

Eric MacFarlane, P.E.

Herman Rizo

Paul Roppa, P.E.

Kumar Santhosh, P.E. 


Directors, Term expires 11/25

Charly Ayoub, P.E. 

Sue Bayat, P.E.

Ashok Chintakunta

Keith H. Pilewski, P.E.

David M. Plotkin, P.E.

Lucius Riccio, PhD, P.E.

Bishoy Sourial

Alan Zhao, P.E.

John Zurita, P.E. 


Immediate Past Presidents:

Irene Sadko, P.E

Mohamad Arain, P.E. 

Tariq Bashir, P.E.

Ray Girgis, P.E. 

J. Evans Doleyres, P.E. 

Mark Klein, P.E.

Richard Zetterlund, P.E.

Bharat Parekh, P.E. 

Brian Gill, P.E.

Husam Ahmad, P.E.

Frank Mondello, P.E.

Paul Nietzschmann, P.E.

Chris Sklavounakis, P.E.

Harry Tom, P.E.

Douglas McNevin, P.E.

George Adelhardt, P.E.

Thomas Diana Jr., P.E.

Madan Naik, P.E.

Andy Lalchandani, P.E.

at AIANY/the Center for Architecture- 536 LaGuardia Place, NY, NY 10012 -  (212)349-5795
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